Special Series - Tropica

Special Series - Tropica

We’re pleased to present our first Macho Fins Special Series – Tropica.

We turned to Conspiracy Studio in Barcelona to design a custom pattern in four different colour tones to produce four unique new fin combinations. The pattern was then sent over to California where it was printed directly onto fiberglass sheeting, and then in the Macho Fins workshop these sheets were integrated into the centre of the panels.This takes patterned fins to another level, meaning the design is completely integral to the fin, and will last as long as the fin itself does – no scratching off, no peeling, no fading – it’s part of the structure of the fin itself. This is all done with no dyes, meaning the final result is a beautiful translucent design, with all the detail and tones of the pattern clearly visible. On top of all this, each fin is essentially unique, as the lay of the pattern on depends on the model and its place in the panel during the production process.

We’ll be honest, this was an experiment – we love experimenting! –and it has been a highly successful one, we are thrilled with the result, and the fins have had just the reception we had hoped for from all who have been lucky enough to get their hands on them.

Tropica are available now in our Root and Rudder models, in 9” and 10”, and the colour tone depends on the model and size.

Keep your eyes out in the future for further Special Series fins from Macho Fins!

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